Naturalkin. The company produces and sells high-quality natural products without preservatives and colorings.



Development of naming, slogan, logo and corporate identity, which will disclose features of the company and emphasize its strengths.



The name «Naturalkin» gives an unambiguous reference to the natural ingredients of which the company’s products are made, what helps consumers to associate the brand with a useful and healthy food.We chose the affectionate diminutive formulation relevant to representatives of basic target audience — women and girls. The slogan «A meeting point of products» allows the brand to establish itself as a point of sale of goods, which in combination with naming strengthens the positioning of the company as a place where you can buy natural products of high quality. Identity is based on the illustrations of ingredients that are presented in the form of mosaics collected icons and infographics. This form helps the buyer quickly and in an entertaining way to get acquainted with the company and understand its features and strengths.


The company’s products are of high quality andas a consequence have a high price.To stimulate the growth of customer loyalty we have developed a minimalistic black and white design, it’s devoid of pretentiousness and accent especially content rather than form — the product, not the packaging.This approach sets the consumer’s perception of the company as an honest producer.


All graphic elements: logo, frames, text and icons, are located strictly on the developed modular grid. This is possible to achieve a perfect rhythm and harmony throughout the composition, as well as to preserve the integrity of corporate identity.

To quickly and clearly show the advantage of the company it was decided to specify the percentage (%) of the ingredients along with the product composition.