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MEOW ONE. E-commerce

This year we launched an incredibly cool online store for the @meowone.brand clothing brand

The whole team caught the vibe of the brand and tried to boldly, but professionally, perform one single task — to make a lot of money! This site is the coolest in the market, just like the brand itself: convenient, stylish, innovative, fast, and daring. Content ???

A few words about technology: the site is on Woocommerce (they kicked the ass of all other CMS again), synchronization of prices and balances is done with 1S, synchronization of orders and catalog is done with retailCRM.

Payments: YooKassa, Cloudpayments, Delivery: SDEK, EMS, DHL, Marketing: FB pixel, gtag.

Art Generative

Nature is us. Generative mapping

Branding Motion & 3D VFX Video prod.

Mashkow Hustle butter

Content Digital Illustration Motion & 3D

Creatives and promo website for UVI x Svyaznoy Travel

Illustration Motion & 3D NFT

Crypto Graveyard

Digital Motion & 3D

ML-1 corporate website

Branding Content Events Motion & 3D NFT

Mashkow. Are u real

Cartier — Juste un Clou. Promotional video.

Branding Content Digital Motion & 3D NFT

12 apes

Motion & 3D

Super Step — You set the direction.

Content Motion & 3D

TWOOWT identity